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About Us

A puppy is a huge investment and you want everything to be on the up and up and you most definitely want to have a very warm and cozy puppy purchasing experience. One you will never forget. That is what I want for all of my customers that buy from me. I want to be that one to bring the warm and fuzzies to them. 

I have always had dogs in my life. Growing up we always had a family dog. Once I got married, me and my husband and kids have always had labs.

I started breeding in the fall of 2016.  I had been in banking for 33 years  and was looking for a change. I wanted to have more time to spend with my grandchild so I thought, why not run my own business. So I had a nephew that was wanting to part with his breeding dogs, so I decided to take the challenge and start a new adventure in my life. I have had lots of support from my husband, kids and their significant others. 

These babies are my pride and joy. I am with them all day long spoiling them. They get a lot of individual attention before they ever leave my place. I still have a hard time parting with them when their new families come to take them home. It is a very bittersweet moment for me. I know they will be going to a wonderful new home, but I am so attached to them it is still hard to say goodbye. 

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